Get Cashback on Travel with Cashrewards

How to earn cashback when booking travel with Cashrewards

Cashrewards is an online shopping portal that allows shoppers to earn cash back on your favourite stores both online and in-store for hundreds of partner retailers. Think big brands like David Jones, Kathmandu, Kogan, Apple, Estee Lauder and many more!

But more than that, Cashrewards is a great tool to help Australian travellers save a little more on their next getaway.

By signing up for a free Cashrewards account and clicking through their links, you can easily save money on your next online purchase.

Keeping reading to find out how to save more on booking travel and your everyday shopping when you earn cashback by using Cashrewards.

Just some of the stores you can earn cashback with on Cashrewards

Current Cashrewards travel deals

Hotels, Flights & Packages:

  • Agoda: up to 5% cash back on hotels, flights and packages
  • Expedia: up to 7% cash back on hotels, flights, activities and more
  • Qatar Airways: 1.4% cash back on airfares

Car hire:

  • Budget: 5.5% cash back on car hire
  • Europcar: 5.6% cash back on car hire

Tours & activities:

  • Big Bus Tours: 7% cash back on sightseeing tours
  • Viator: 5% cash back on sightseeing tours
  • G Adventures: 4.2% cashback on tour packages

Travel Insurance:

  • Cover-More Travel Insurance: 7% cash back on travel insurance policies
  • FastCover Travel Insurance: 7% cash back on travel insurance policies

Travel & Adventure clothing:

  • Helly Hansen: 7% cash back on outdoor gear
  • Patagonia: up to 3.50% cashback on high-tech outdoor apparel
  • Kathmandu: 1% cash back sitewide


  • Lonely Planet: 10% cash back sitewide
  • Plaza Premium Lounge: 4.2% cash back on lounge passes
  • Kogan: 2.0% when you shop travel accessories, electronics and more

Click here to see all of Cashrewards travel deals

How does Cashrewards work?

It’s simple! There are three steps to start earning cash back with Cashrewards:

  1. Join Cashrewards for free
    Sign-up to Cashrewards for free here.
  2. Shop online
    Shop from over 1,500 stores through their website or app. Once you click-through from Cashrewards, your booking will proceed like normal. After you’ve completed your booking or shopping, you’ll receive an email notifying you that your cashback has tracked. If it hasn’t, be sure to contact the Cashrewards team to let them know you made a qualifying purchase.
  3. Get paid!
    Once the retailer has approved your purchase, you can withdraw your cashback into your bank or PayPal account. It typically takes between 15-90-days for retailers to approve transactions and it will say the expected approval date in the ‘My Rewards’ section of the site and app.

Recently Cashrewards has been expanding their in-store cash back opportunities which helps you earn even more cashback! Simply link your Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card to your Cashrewards account and then use your linked card when you shop in-store at participating retailers. Your cashback will be credited to your account within 90-days!

Want to know more? You can find a summary of how Cashrewards works here or watch the video below!

Can I double dip and get cashback and earn frequent flyer points?

In many circumstances yes, you can double tip and earn cashback and hotel or airline loyalty program points for your travel bookings as you are booking directly with the retailer. Be sure to read the terms & conditions in the summary to make sure you qualify for the highest level of cash back.

Online malls vs cashback – which is better for travellers?

Okay, let me put my affiliate marketers hat on for a moment.

Cashback and online malls are essentially very similar business models. Online malls are what we consider a loyalty program as they provide a benefit back to the user/shopper. Instead of earning cash money like Cashrewards, online malls give shoppers back their cashback in points.

The bad news is that you can’t earn points through the online malls and a cashback site. Using one will cancel out the other and both of these earning methods work on last-click attribution – eg. if you click Cashrewards and then go to the Qantas Mall, you’ll earn Qantas Points and not cashback.

My general rule is to compare the offers and the value of the points to the percentage you’d be saving through cashback.

Another point to be aware of is that each program has its strengths. While Cashrewards has few limitations on who and what brands they can promote, airline’s online malls have incredible deals on everyday shopping but limited earning options for travel.

Qantas Shopping and Velocity eStore have specific terms and conditions on which categories can join their online malls. As both of these airlines have existing partnerships with select hotel chains and car hire companies, you’ll likely be rewarded more for stays with these brands. Neither of these online malls promotes other airlines flights; while through Cashrewards you can earn cash back on flights with a range of airline partners, including Qatar Airways, Emirates, Hawaiian Airlines, and more.

Just some of the great offers you’ll find on Cashrewards

Is joining Cashrewards worth it?

In short, yes.

Using earning cashback with Cashrewards is only one-click away! To really earn the maximum benefits with cashback, you need to use it as one extra layer to your savings program. It’s also about knowing the benefits of your chosen loyalty program/s.

For example, consider booking a hotel through Hotels.com to take advantage of the Hotels.com Rewards program. This gives you an effective 10% bonus by using their rewards program towards a free night.

By using Cashrewards, you can also receive up to 5.6% cashback on anything you spend in addition to the above saving at Hotels.com. This effectively gives you a 15.6% total benefit. This also doesn’t include the frequent flyer points earned from using a credit card or cash card.

While getting $5 cashback here and $0.70c there doesn’t sound like a lot when you add up the savings each year it can be hundreds of dollars. This year I’ve earned $512.98 in cashback between both Cashrewards and Shopback, Australia’s other top cashback site. I’ve really milked every opportunity I can to earn cashback as a test to see if it’s worth it, and I would say it is if you are open to spending a few extra minutes looking for deals.

How to use your rewards benefits

Cashrewards pays out in cash, the best currency around! When you cash out your rewards the money reaches your nominated bank account or PayPal account the next day (but can take up to five business days.)


How do I join Cashrewards?
You can join Cashrewards by clicking this link.

Are there any tips to earn the maximum amount of cashback?
Look out for key events and flash sales. These periods offer the highest amount of cashback on brands and ususally fall around major events – Mother’s Day, Black Friday, etc.

When you land on the merchant page look at the individual Cashrewards partner terms. Make sure you don’t require a coupon or if you do that you can still earn the maximum cashback and not a smaller percentage. Some merchants also require you to shop through their app to earn the maximum cashback, so make sure you download the Cashrewards app and begin your journey there.

Note: This information is purely from my own experience using Cashrewards and working in affiliate marketing. This is not advertorial. If you have any further questions, please reach out and I’ll try to get the Cashrewards team to help answer them! 🙂

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